MiVoice Office Application Suite

All your telephony applications on a single server.


Developed from the highly successful Phone Manager product family, the Application suite brings additional functionality in the shape of Call recording and Call reporting.

MiVoice Office Application Suite offers a single server software solution for the full range of business applications. A single Administrator interface gives access to all the applications for initial set up and configuration and ongoing system management.

All of the applications come pre-installed in the Application Suite: Call Recorder, Call Reporter, Phone Manager, Phone Manager Mobile and Campaign Manager. Utilization of the applications is by licensing.

Call Reporting

How many calls does your business receive, and where are they coming from? Existing customers or new business? How quickly do calls get answered and critically, how many don’t get answered? Call Reporting gives you this information in a structured and simple to use format.

Call Recording

Call recording is increasingly seen as a pre-requisite in today’s business world. It enables quick and confident dispute resolution, as well as the option to review calls for training and mentoring purposes. Businesses in certain industries are required by their governing body to record all calls for compliance purposes. For those companies taking credit card payments over the phone, the MiVO Call Recording provides methods of muting calls so that sensitive information is not recorded.

Phone Manager

A powerful productivity tool, Phone Manager brings on screen call control as well as presence, directory access and ‘Click to Dial’ capabilities. Phone Manager also gives you a personal call logging module and if you have Call Recorder on your system, calls can be played back from your Phone Manager on screen client. The Chat option gives an instant message capability and user status display lets you see your colleague’s availability.

Phone Manager integrates to the leading CRM applications enabling a ‘screen pop’ of customer details to be displayed at the time the call is answered.

Phone Manager Mobile

Extends the features and functions of Phone Manager desktop to a smartphone – see colleague’s status and availability whilst you are away from the office and call them with a single click! Access all your company’s directories and contacts wherever you are and keep track of your inbound and outbound calls using the Call History feature, and use the Chat option to send instant messages. Phone Manager Mobile offers an optional softphone capability, which enables calls to be made free of charge in a Wi-Fi or 4G environment. Phone manager mobile works in both an iOS and Android environment.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is an essential tool in environments where significant numbers of outbound calls are being made. Campaign Manager, as its name suggests, organizes, structures and automates your outbound dialing activity and gives real-time updates as to how your outbound team are performing. The supervisor dashboard shows activity by individual and by campaign.

Automatic dialing eliminates misdialing and minimizes gaps between calls being made. Automating your outbound dialing, capability delivers tangible business benefits in efficiency and management as well as delivering significant cost savings.

Key Features

– Web based interface, no client side installation required. Features are accessible from any compatible browser on Windows, Mac or Tablet

– Integrates to Active Directory to manage users

– Provides centralized directories which can be linked to CRMs via CSV or ODBC/OLEDB

– Manages each user’s Presence Profile to route calls to the user’s location

– Provides real-time Alarm Notifications based on telephone system events

– Centralized user management which can be linked to Active Directory

– Organize permissions and group user using the built-in Business Unit structure

Key Benefits

– Single software solution with single user account login that can be AD linked

– New features can be enabled with a license update, no further installation or hardware required

– Direct links to your CRM directories to give users visibility of who is calling

– Display customer’s information from a CRM database directly to a user via the Phone Manager call banner

Operating System Requirements

– Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (Pro / Enterprise / Ultimate) 64-bit

– Windows Server 2008 SP2, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 (Standard / Enterprise / Datacenter) 64-bit

– VMWare & Hyper-V Environments Supported

Minimum Server Requirements *

– CPU: Intel dual core i3 @ 3.3 GHz

– RAM: 4GB

– Network: Static MAC Address, IPv4, 100Mb/1Gb

– .NET Framework: 3.5 & 4.5

– Disk Space (data): 100GB + 1GB for each million call records

* Server requirements vary depending on which features of the MiVoice Office Application Suite are used. Please refer to the product documentation for more information.

MiVoice Office 250 Requirements

– System OAI Call Control & 3rd Party Events enabled

– Mitel CT Gateway Required for Multi-Node implementations

– IP Based OAI connection

– Requires MiVoice Office 250 Release 6.2+

Upgrade Options

– MiVoice Office Call Reporting: Analyze call traffic and user performance with call lists and summarized call reports

– MiVoice Office Call Recording: Full call recording with options to record from 4 up to 250 concurrent calls

– MiContact Centre Office Campaign Manager: Outbound progressive dialing provides control of what people are dialing and visibility of how they are performing

– Mitel Phone Manager Desktop: Outlook, Professional & Team Leader licenses provide varying level of functionality to improve user performance and increase collaboration

– Mitel Phone Manager Mobile: Provides users with access to their Contacts, Call History and Chat on the go