Call Center Solutions

American Tele-Connect Services (ATS) and Mitel have a host of call center solutions for both small and large business needs. With solutions to help you manage your call volume as efficiently as possible no matter your staffing, we will find a solution to meet your needs.

With Call Center Solutions, your calls can be routed to an available agent based upon the longest idle or via balanced call count among other options. All calls are prioritized so the longest waiting caller is answered first. Calls can also be extended to agents outside of your building or working at remote locations to maximize your response footprint to your callers.

Along with call handling the key to any call center solution is effective call reporting and monitoring. ATS and Mitel offer a host of reporting and monitoring options to enhance your visibility into your call center and properly evaluate performance.


Call Center Reporting includes historical reports which will provide insight to your company’s performance. Reports can be based on Agents, Call Groups, Time and Day and Call Times among other key statistics. READ MORE



Call Center Monitoring requires real time insight into the activity of all of your call traffic. Using a combination of real time displays, call recording, and supervisor monitoring allows you to properly manage your most critical customer communications. READ MORE