TV Wall and Display Systems

Video wall systems are great for:

  • Food Services - easy to read menus. Restaurants, cafeterias, bars, and cafés can use large scale digital signage to inform patrons about specials, prices, and promotions.
  • Transportation Terminals- airports, train stations, and harbors. There's no better way to show departures, arrivals, and travel times than a large digital display that's easy to update.
  • Education – schools, colleges and universities use video systems to teach and examine research and collaborate among peers.
  • Entertainment Venues- electronic signage systems can feature movies and other on-screen media or give live performers a giant backdrop that plays dazzling visual effects.

All multi screen TV systems consist of a number of flat panel TV’s with commercial performance characteristics and features. They are made to display information 24 by 7 and last for years. ATS is proficient at the mounting and installation of TV walls as well as programming the equipment that drive your most important content.