Access Control Solutions

Access Control Systems consist of equipment and wiring which aim to control who has access to a building or location within a building establishing access “for authorized persons only”. Access Control consists of keys, fobs, pin pads, card readers, scanners, biometric devices, locks, strikes, and a host of other devices which – along with limiting access to an authorized group of personnel – also report on how and when areas were accessed and by whom.

Access Control Components:

  • Users – Swipe Cards / Key Fobs / Card Readers / Biometric Readers / Scanners
  • Admins – Management Console / Reporting Software / Mobile Devices
  • Infrastructure – Door Strikes / Mag Locks / Access Panels / Wiring / Servers

Access Control Systems:

  • Premise Based – Servers and Software installed in your building to control all systems
  • Cloud Based – Off site control of your access systems.
  • Hybrid Solution – A combination of premise and cloud components.

ATS will help you determine which systems and solutions are best suited for your facility based upon your specific security requirements.