Live Call and Status Management Interface:

MiVoice Office Application Suite provides two real-time reporting options for the MiVoice Office 250; Wallboard & Dashboard. Both are fully customizable and provide live call and status information.

Real-Time Wallboard:

Designed for displaying live performance statistics on a screen to be viewed by multiple people, the wallboard provides a single view, which can be customized with one or more of the following tiles.

Single-Stat / Cycling Tiles:

Add one of hundreds of available statistics to a tile that is updated in real-time. Multiple tiles can be added to a wallboard view to display system-wide stats or stats filtered for specific devices. Optionally, two statistics can be cycled through to maximize real-estate.


A ticker allows up to 20 statistics to be continuously looped. In addition to the available statistics, manually configured messages can be added to the ticker.


Media tiles can be used to display promotional or corporate videos or images. Videos and images can be uploaded and then displayed on one or more wallboards.


All statistic based tiles have configurable alarms where thresholds can be configured to flash tiles, change color, play a sound or make a tile full screen. By using multiple alarms on a single tile, a traffic light based system can be configured where the color of the tile changes as the statistic goes through multiple thresholds.

Real-Time Dashboard – A supervisor’s tool to track system and user performance in real-time. Users can customize views with a range of tiles to monitor different business areas or departments.

Multiple Views: Dashboard users can create multiple views with a customizable collection of tiles. Each view can be used to monitor a different area or aspect of the business.

Grids: Grid tiles provide status and summarized information about different devices on the telephone system. Grids are available to display the status of extensions, agents*, trunks and calls on the system. * Requires ACD Reporter licenses

Call & Status Control: Multi-stat tiles can be used to display many pieces of information in the same window. Stats can be displayed in a list, cycled through or in a primary/secondary statistic format.

Call & Status Control: Through the grid tiles, dashboard users have call and status control over devices on the system. Do-not-disturb and ACD status* can be controlled centrally, with the flexibility to log agents in/out of specific states. Users can make calls, clear call or move calls to new devices.